Wheel alignment services for customers in the Newbury area

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Maximise the lifespan of your tyres

Correctly aligned wheels improve your vehicle’s road holding and protect your tyres from early wear and tear. At Newbury Tyre, Exhaust & MOT Centre, we offer wheel balancing and alignment for cars and light commercial vans. Using wheel balancing and wheel alignment equipment we can ensure that your wheels are balanced and aligned in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations.

48 years of experience in the trade

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Benefits of having your wheels aligned

  • Reduces excessive wear and tear of tyres 
  • Reduces levels of vibration while driving
  • Protects your suspension from wear and tear
  • Increases the efficiency of the tyres
We conduct laser wheel alignment for an accurate result. In addition to wheel balancing, we also offer suspension repairs and battery replacements.

We offer wheel balancing services

If you notice uneven tyre wear or your tyres wobbling at high speed, our mechanics can balance the wheels of your car so that the weight of the wheel and the tyre is even around the axle. We have 48 years of experience and can identify and fix any fault with the wheels, battery, suspension or exhaust of your car. We offer garage services to customers in Newbury and the surrounding areas in Berkshire. Contact us for advice on how to best maintain your car.
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Stay safe on the road with wheel alignment and balancing services from Newbury Tyre, Exhaust & MOT Centre, Berkshire. Call our team in Newbury today.
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